Monday, June 13, 2016

32 Weeks x Baby Shower

I miss blogging so much and interacting with my followers and friends. I am 32 weeks and 6 days today. I have 50 more days left of this pregnancy and I am happy I was able to rest for majority of it.

I see other pregnant bloggers who stay on their once a week blog schedule and I just think to myself "How?". Then I realize most of them are first time parents and blogging is their occupation. 

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Tie Dye x Fringe

 Hi all. I am still here pushing through. I appreciate you guys still sticking around with my lack of post. I promise once this baby drops, things will be back and better than ever. I just don't want to put out bullshit content to fill in holes. I would rather post when I find the right look and content. 


Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Black x Blue

I know I am not posting as much, but I am trying. The older you are and pregnant the more your body just doesn't give a fuck anymore. I just switched out my office chair at work and I feel liberated. Like I have another job and life is going to be full of joy.

Trying to stay awake is the other daily challenge. Actually, trying to care about anything other than sleeping is a daily challenge. I am halfway there though, I can smell the champagne now. I just found out I am having another boy, so I am very excited! Hence the blue toned heels.

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Another One x Baby Bump

Heeeeey! I know a lot of you were probably thinking "What the hell is going on?". I know I haven't blogged all year. It wasn't really planned this way, but I am happy it did. I needed the break, so this surprise unexpected adventure came right on time.
Surprise, I am pregnant. Another one *DJ Khaled Voice*

Listen I am aging and thought I was done, but this new child of mine decided I was not. So, we are here and I am truly excited. As you all know I am a realest and what I say isn't for the fake and corny. This will be quite a journey to share with you all without the "cute" cheesy baby shit.

Friday, December 25, 2015

Fringe x XMAS x Trap House 2

I've been sleeping, I've been, seriously I have been sleeping a lot lately these days. This year has flown by so fast, that I feel like the last two months was made for rest. I haven't been going out much or traveling, except my Chicago trip. Not even to Cali.
I am literally in bed typing this at 2:41AM Christmas Eve. I wrapped some gifts for the boys and eating fruit snacks. I was originally going to post this look on Wednesday, but I wanted you to be able to have something new to look at, while you sit around waiting for food on your granny couch.

Let's talk about gifts for a second. I purchased my boys pre-paid T-Mobile cell phones, since they always hoover over my shit asking "Can I play a game or watch a 3 hour movie?". This happens err the house, car, grocery store. My data usage is 28427483640GB lol.
But it made me think about how old I was when I got my first cell phone.